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Our team is commited to make your stay as active, cultural, culinary, local as you want it. Here are some sample requests we can help with:

How do I process a Russian Visa? Where do I get an invitation?

What's the fastest way to reach Saint Petersburg from Moscow?

Should I get an Uber or the Aeroexpress when arriving in Moscow?

I don't like Uber, are there more professional alternatives in Russia?

Where can I get USSR memorabilia, something not from tourist shops?

Can you help me get ballet tickets?

How can I avoid the super long lines at Hermitage?

Can you recommend a nice terrace to have dinner in Saint Petersburg?

I want to visit both Pushkin and Peterhof, can you help arrange transport?

I can't understand what my Airbnb host is saying, can you help interpret/translate?

I need to hire a professional photographer to capture my trip in Russia, where do I find a good one?

client focused

Whether you are travelling by yourself or with your partner, for leisure or on a business trip. We can help you with tips and recommendations to stay on top of your trip.

Russia is an amazing country, home of authors like Pushkin, Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky, or composers like Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky or Stravinsky, painters such as Kandinsky, Repin or Korovin. The list can go on with ballet, teather and so many other areas. We hope to share our passion for Russia with you!

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How we work

1. Choose one of the packages below

2. Promptly upon payment you will get our contact numbers (ex. Skype, WhatsApp, Telephone and SMS)

3. Start asking!

On demand - $10.00 USD

Availability 24 hours - Includes 1 request or 1 interaction or 5 minutes of voice assistance - Only one individual can interact with advisors - Great option if you want to get a feel for the service

1 day - $75.00 USD

Availability 24 hours - Includes 5 requests and 10 interactions and 30 minutes of voice assistance - Only one individual can interact with advisors - Great if you need advise previous to your trip or for that first day in Russia

3 day package - $150.00 USD

Availability 24 hours - Includes 15 requests and 30 interactions and 60 minutes of voice assistance - Up to two individuals can interact with advisors - Worry free package perfect to keep your trip hassle free

* request = Up to 15 minutes of work required for a task (ex. buying tickets, finding best terrace and making reservation)

** interaction = Up to 5 minutes of continuous message exchange

There is a booking commision of 20% added on top of ticket price, when you need us to get tickets on your behalf (ex. ballet, theater, museums)

Terms of Service

The team

Привет - Hello - Hola

Maria Polishchuk

Chief Advisor

You can call me Masha, I have lived in Saint Petersburg almost all my life, I am passionate about music and entrepreneurship. I currently play the flute in a symphony in Saint Petersburg. Looking forward to help make your stay in Russia a remarkable experience.

Guillermo Cabrera

Chief Advisor

I go by Memo, I first travelled to Russia in 2012 and since then I've visited, studied and worked in Saint Petersburg for about 2 years all together (8 visas so far). I am a software developer by profession, but a travel enthuthiast by heart. I've been to several cities in Russia and hope to keep learning about this great country and its people.

What our clients say

Back in 2015 I decided to go to Russia for the first time. Memo was instrumental in recommending clubs, great restaurants and outstanding hotels. Not knowing Russian, I struggled at the beggining, yet, Memo would help when ordering food, arranging transportation or even help buying museum tickets. Thanks Memo!

- Zeus Courtois, Software Engineer at IBM

Hassle free travel thanks to Memo and his team. Even before arriving to Russia, he gave me a detailed guide to get a Visa. He helped me change my train tickets from RZD as I decided to stay longer in Saint Petersburg. Memo's passion for Russian language and culture is contagious and makes me want to return to Russia in the near future

- Kavitha Baratakke, Technical Account Manager at Atlassian

I never thought I would be dancing Salsa in Russia! Or that I would see the Hermitage (largest art collection in the world). The palaces, streets to walk on and restaurants were all great recommendations from Memo

- Michelle Buescher, Actuary


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